Residential Addiction Treatment

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Nestled in the lush rolling hills of finest Georgia countryside, is a place to heal, to build relationships, to grow. A place where lives begin and old habits are left behind.

...where people go to re-discover what it means to really live.

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Womens Campus

HEART campus includes two 3,500 sq. ft. dormitories located on 34 acres just outside Lavonia, GA. 

Women live at HEART for 6 weeks and are offered an atmosphere of Christian love and acceptance.  While at HEART, the residents participate in both group and individual counseling, as well as personal improvement studies, work assignments and AA/NA meetings. 

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Penfield Christian Homes offers a successful recovery program to reclaim the lives of adult men and women suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. For over thirty years we have successfully helped over 600 people per year find freedom from addiction and re-claim health, family and productivity.

In these fertile lands, new relationships
take root and flourish.

We are affordable and successful. The ministry of Penfield is rooted in the belief that recovery from the addictive use of alcohol and drugs can be achieved through science based recovery and spiritual renewal.

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Locations in Central and South Georgia


Video Testimonial

< "Penfield has really changed my life- I come back here as much as I can... to share..."  Nick at Gym Dedication

"If anyone out there is looking for a place for a loved one to get help, PLEASE seek the Lord's guidance, and look at Penfield. I can't say enough good things about it. It is a big family of God's chosen and you can see his handiwork in their faces. "
- FR (A Former Client)

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